Dental Implants in Dorking

Dental Implants

Dental Implants are small, solid titanium alloy screws that can replace damaged and missing teeth. They’re drilled into your jawbone so that you can firmly interlink them with an artificial tooth to get more support when chewing; it can provide added force when eating and giving more stability, using fixed supportive prosthetics. Additionally, missing or broken teeth are one of the most common dental problems that arise. If you want to replace them, Implants is the best option for you. Dorking Smiles is here to provide you with removable dentures so they can do more than just sit on top of your gums. Visit us today to talk about what options are best for you. We have the best restorations here available.

Advantages of Dental Implants in Dorking

Appearance: As most people know, Dental Implants are excellent options for lost or broken teeth. You will be able to achieve a smile without anyone noticing the Implant. Some benefits come with this solution, such as increasing confidence and self-image because patients no longer need to worry about appearance. Single tooth loss often leads us into sadness which causes significant emotional stress affecting other areas. However, replacing these disadvantages brings more prominent rewards than just pain relief, such as stronger jawlines that can help make one look more youthful.

Oral Health: Brushing your teeth and flossing every day is essential for healthy gums, but if you don’t brush enough times or use the wrong technique, something could go wrong. Losing one tooth can cause problems with remaining teeth because they start shifting around when chewing food which causes terrible habits like mashed buttons instead of talking clearly.

The Comfort: It’s no big deal unless you can’t find your tooth. Would it hurt if a piece of food got stuck between my root and base? Yes! And this happens almost every time because there isn’t any protection when brushing or flossing for gaps left unbrushed on purpose, so why not prevent the damage in the first place by using some fluoride varnish along with regular dental check-ups from our dentists here at Dorking Smiles.

The best way to show your smile on the outside is with dental implants. Patients will love them! Our dentists in Caterham value their entire staff and want every patient they care about to get top-quality care from highly qualified professionals, which makes us an excellent option for you too.

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