Emergency Dental Appointments

emergency dental appointments

No matter how well we look after our teeth, injuries and accidents can happen, requiring immediate attention from a dental professional. Here at Dorking Smiles, we offer emergency dental appointments for those who can’t afford to wait for a regular visit. This will give your dentist a chance to amend your dental issue before it escalates into anything more serious.

Is my Toothache a Dental Emergency?

Many people are unsure of what exactly constitutes a dental emergency. It’s generally fine for most dental problems to be left for a week or two as you wait for your regular appointment. However, sometimes the pain can be too severe, in which case, more immediate attention may be required. If your problem is causing you so much pain that you can no longer conduct your daily routine as usual, get in touch with one of the emergency dentists at Dorking Smiles.
Toothache is an all too common problem that most people will likely experience at some point during their lives. Typically, it manifests as a dull ache that causes mild, but not debilitating, discomfort. If, however, you are experiencing toothache so severe that it is making your life increasingly difficult and the pain is spreading to the rest of your body, it may be advisable to come in for an emergency appointment.

What Should I do in the Meantime?

Emergency appointments should not be taken lightly. We always want to prioritise the most urgent cases, which is why you should make you are definitely in need of immediate attention before calling for an emergency appointment. There are several measures you can take at home to ease your pain before coming in for your visit. We recommend trying a saltwater solution, which can be highly effective in removing the bacteria from the affected area and acting as an antiseptic. Make your solution by mixing half a teaspoon of table salt with eight ounces of water. For best results, this should be swilled around the mouth two to three times per day.
If you are still suffering after trying this, perhaps try some over the counter painkillers such as ibuprofen. Should your mouth start to swell, apply a cold compress to the cheek to reduce inflammation.

What If My Tooth Has Been Knocked Out?

If you have been involved in an accident, tooth loss can be occasionally unavoidable. To avoid losing your tooth for good, visit Dorking Smiles for an emergency appointment if your tooth has been knocked out, chipped or cracked. Hang on to the tooth and store it in your mouth or a glass of milk on your way to the dental clinic. If possible, avoid handling the tooth by its root. Once at your appointment, your dentist will bind the tooth to your adjacent teeth for support. As it heals, it should grow into position.
If it proves impossible to reattach your tooth, we offer a range of treatments designed to replace missing teeth so that your mouth feels and looks as natural as possible. Your dentist can go over your options with you and suggest the best choice for your situation.

Visit Dorking Smiles for Emergency Dental Appointments

To avoid problems with your teeth, maintaining basic oral hygiene is critical. However, unfortunately, things can sometimes happen that make tooth loss or pain outside your control. In these cases, emergency dental appointments are necessary. To fix your tooth loss or extreme toothache, call the expert dentists at Dorking Smiles today.

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