Dental Care in Pregnancy in Dorking

dental care in pregnancy

It’s not unusual for mothers-to-be to be worried about all aspects of their health. If dental care in pregnancy in Dorking is a concern of yours, don’t worry! We’ve got some handy tips and tricks to keep you and your baby in full dental health during this exciting time.

Dental Risks in Pregnancy

Just like always, it’s essential that you keep your teeth and gums in good condition during pregnancy. There are several potential dental issues that could crop up throughout this time to be on the lookout for. One of these is gum disease. Your hormones are constantly changing throughout your pregnancy, which puts you at a higher risk than usual of developing gum disease. It has been suggested that this can not only affect your baby’s health, but can also lead to a higher chance of premature birth.

Pregnancy gingivitis is another common issue, affecting up to 40% of pregnant women. You likely have this condition if you are experiencing tender gums which bleed easily.

Another condition that affects up to 10% of pregnant women is pregnancy tumours. If you discover a red lump near the upper gum line, it is likely you have developed a pregnancy tumour. Despite the ominous-sounding name, these tumours are not cancerous and cannot spread. However, they can cause discomfort and make speaking and eating a more difficult task than they should be. Once your baby has been born, the tumour will likely disappear on its own. However, if it is causing significant discomfort, your dentist can remove it through a simple procedure using local anaesthesia.

Tips and Tricks For Successful Dental Care in Pregnancy in Dorking

It’s essential to attend your routine dental checkups and maintain good oral hygiene if you’re hoping to avoid these problems. It is fine for routine and urgent dental care to be performed during pregnancy. However, if you are hoping to receive any elective treatments, we recommend that you wait until your pregnancy is finished.

Conferring with your obstetrician before undergoing any treatments is suggested, as they may have specific precautions and instructions for you. In a similar vein, you should always tell your dentist about any medication you have been taking, so they can take this into account when making your treatment plan.

If morning sickness is preventing you from brushing your teeth, it may be beneficial to switch to a more bland-tasting toothpaste. We also suggest rinsing your mouth out with water. Our team is happy to recommend toothpaste brands if you’re unsure which to go for!

Conclusion for Dental Care in Pregnancy in Dorking

Effective dental care in pregnancy in Dorking is undoubtedly something to bear in mind, but it is also important not to stress too much. By maintaining good oral hygiene and attending any routine checkups, you should be able to ensure optimal dental health for yourself and your baby. If you find yourself concerned about any dental issues that may arise, contact the welcoming team at Dorking Smiles. We want to make sure this time is as comfortable as possible for our patients, meaning we will go above and beyond to ensure you are receiving the best service possible! Book an appointment today for answers to your queries about dental care in pregnancy in Dorking.

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