Dorking Dentistry All-On-4

Dorking Dentistry

We keep up with the times at Dorking Smiles and are constantly evolving; therefore, dental treatment is becoming more advanced. With Dorking Dentistry All-On-4, you can have your teeth repaired within just one day!

How does the Process of All-On-4 Work?

What’s left at your teeth’ upper arch and lower jaw will determine where the bridges will be attached to your teeth for the Surgery. If needed, teeth can be replaced with implants instead of having extractions.

With our dentists at Dorking Smiles, you can stop worrying about painful procedures after meeting and talking with us. Our team is always here for you, so contact us today if you’re in need of our help! Having a consultation will be the first step of this process; not only will we examine your teeth and what sort of treatment would be best, but we also offer CT scans and X-rays if needed to see further.

What if I feel Nervous about the Surgery?

Here at Dorking Smiles, we offer many services to ensure your visit is as stress-free as possible. We’re happy to provide all of our patient’s sedation dentistry as we understand how much this can affect you. Sedation is the safest and most effective treatment to have during Surgery to help you feel as relaxed and stress-free as possible.

What is the Aftercare Process?

Here at Dorking Smiles, we ensure you leave our dentistry full of knowledge and care with the aftercare process of your treatment. We offer guidance and advice, along with being here to help answer any questions or queries you may have.

Get All-On-4 dentistry in Dorking Smiles for a new smile, making you feel confident 24/7. Guaranteeing effective procedures by professionals ensures it’s a safe procedure for all patients.