Active Aligners in Dorking and Why You Should Choose Them

Aligners in Dorking

What are they?

Active Aligners in Dorking are clear aligners made custom to your teeth and made to straighten your misaligned teeth. They are designed with a 3D scan technology to position them in the best way possible without causing you any trouble or pain.

How do they work?

Here at Dorking Smiles, we have the best solution for you! With our Active Aligners in Dorking, we can take dental impressions within minutes using our 3D technology, implementing how much our customers love how fast the process is due to their knowledge of the treatment plans, which involve only good things!

Once the scan is completed, your teeth and the mould will be Thermoformed; this is where it is heated to help them pliable. Therefore, this finished product can cool into the desired shape so that it can create your personalised aligners.

As we all know, everyone’s mouths are different, and therefore our materials can provide you with the best smile for you to feel confident and happy again. Likewise, every treatment plan is different to each specific person. However, we will always work hard on quality, ensuring standards will never be an issue.

Why choose Active Aligners in Dorking?

With Active Aligners in Dorking, we can help you feel confident again, enjoying life with a beautiful, straight smile. Our plans are matched to everyone’s needs and requirements; they’re FDA approved, making it an excellent choice for those who want to have straight teeth without the metal braces.

The Active Aligners in Dorking are proud to offer clear braces, which are pretty much invisible. Contact us today, and we can help you on your journey to straight teeth.