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Looking for a hassle free dental experience and a happy and healthy smile?
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Looking for a hassle free dental experience and a happy and healthy smile?
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Professional Dentists in Crawley

Dorking Smiles provides the most outstanding quality of excellent aesthetic dentists in Crawley and dental care services for all.

Dorking Smiles has high standard, friendly dentists in Crawley and the surrounding areas. We thoroughly answer every patient’s requirements with effective dentistry and dental care solutions. With our combined experience in the dentist industry, we have established ourselves as one of the most popular Dental Practices in Crawley, striving to accommodate patients with ultimate dental care and cosmetic dentistry.

We have a team of qualified and prominent private dentists who have state of the art practices, focusing on the best dental health and hygiene. You can consult us for Dental ImplantsDenturesInvisalignTeeth Whitening, Tooth Fillings, Teeth Straightening, Invisible Braces and several other treatment methods in Crawley.

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Dentists in Crawley

Brining you a smile you truly deserve.

At Dorking Smiles, our Local Dentist offers generous and welcoming private dentists who guarantee to deliver the most reliable dental solutions for long term oral hygiene. We use high-end equipment and the latest technology to solve your dental issues including Toothache and provide exceptional results with expertise in treating patients of all age groups. In addition, we have received in offering superior solutions for complicated dental problems, depending on your preferences.

Our range of dental treatments include the following;

Cosmetic Dentistry: We can restore your beautiful smile with our excellent cosmetic dentistry services. In addition, our dentists advise regular checkups to recognise any possible problems so that you save yourself from needless trouble and pain. The treatment we offer makes it suitable for those in Dorking to access our proactive dental treatment options.

General Dentistry: From treating Crowns and Bridges, opting for Surgical Extractions, Child and Preventive Care, we are pleased to cover such treatment categories and present the same to the locals of Dorking. Our trained dentists can transform your teeth’s shape, function, and beauty, improving your overall appearance.

Specialist Dentistry: At Dorking Smiles, our wide range of Specialist Dentistry Services can help with multiple tooth diseases through advanced dental health treatments. If you have problems with receding gums or severe periodontal disease, our dental specialists carry comprehensive examinations to assess the situation carefully. Then, the dentists advise suitable solutions for your individual needs, assuring that you do not suffer from any tooth loss.

Dental Implants and Prosthetics: Dental Implants are an advanced device that will allow you to perfectly hide your missing teeth while also keeping up with your primary dental and oral hygiene. We perform the most modern advancements in Implant Dentistry to improve your smile whilst preventing infections. Here at Dorking Smiles, we endeavour to offer an adequate experience to all our patients. Our brand new Prosthetic Techniques include Partial and Complete Dentures, Edentulous and other forms of Dental Care.

Tooth Whitening and Invisalign: Our expert dentists will assist you in reaching clear, white teeth through simple yet powerful dental treatments. Here at Dorking Smiles, you will see positive results whilst gaining back the confidence to smile again. If you would like straighter teeth, we would recommend Invisalign treatment. It is comfortable and easy to use. They are easy to remove, and they are pretty much invisible. Therefore, making them the ideal treatment for correcting tooth and gum positioning.

The Importance of maintaining dental hygiene

Cleaning your teeth is important for maintaining dental hygiene, but it’s also the first step to preventing some serious health problems. Maintaining good oral hygiene can help prevent tooth decay and gum disease, which are both leading causes of tooth loss in adults. But what does this mean? Maintaining dental hygiene includes brushing twice per day with a fluoride-containing toothpaste; flossing once per day; rinsing with an antibacterial mouthwash like Listerine after eating or drinking sugary foods; using a tongue scraper before you brush your teeth (or at least every morning); and visiting your dentist regularly for cleanings and professional examinations.

The primary purpose of maintaining oral and dental hygiene includes the following;

  • It improves overall health. 
  • Helps in the early discovery of oral problems and diseases  
  • Avoid the problem of cavities and tooth pain.
  • Prevent unnecessary tooth loss 
  • Enjoy a whiter and brighter smile.
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Your smile deserves our special attention through oral care plans tailored directly to your needs. At Dorking Smiles, we put our patients first. We carry the following procedures for dental treatments;

Initial Examination: You will need to make an appointment with the dentist, where he will advise you with some medical suggestions whilst undergoing visual examinations. Alongside, he will make notes and, if needed, will suggest suitable treatments.

Patient Goals: Once the examination is completed, the dentist will discuss your current oral health condition.

Schedule a Follow-up: After all treatment is done, the hygienists will arrange a registered time for extensive cleaning and dental evaluations. They will guarantee if the treatment was beneficial and provide you with dental medicines if needed.

Get long lasting results here at Dorking Smiles

At Dorking Smiles, we have a team of professional and certified dentists who are very caring. Our dedicated team of qualified dental practitioners always deliver the best treatments. We implement safe and trusted dental services that are suited to everyone’s specific needs, guaranteeing outstanding levels of patient care within their budget. 

We take pride in our dentists, dental services, and the respectful treatment they offer. Are you a Nervous Patient? Here at Dorking Smiles, we handle our patients in a comfortable environment as those who are slightly more anxious need to be dealt with thoughtfully. Keeping their concerns in mind, our team provides everyone with the same quality of services, never settling on quality. We can customise the treatments according to your individual needs whilst keeping in mind that your comfort is not forgotten.

Additionally, we assure you that we can achieve outstanding results by applying the most advanced technological tools and equipment. Supplying you with the outcome you have always dreamed of. 

Further, you can also contact us for Emergency Dentist appointments without hesitation. 

  • You can have customised and expert dental treatments which will fit your requirements. 
  • We follow superior methods to implement solutions that go beyond standard expectations. 
  • We apply state-of-the-art technology.
  • We understand that comfort is essential for our patients.
  • We maintain honesty with our clients for practical solutions.
  • We provide Emergency Dentist checkups, examinations and consultations.

If you need a Dentist appointment, please Call Us Now.

dentistry tooth care
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