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Looking for a hassle free dental experience and a happy and healthy smile?
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Looking for a hassle free dental experience and a happy and healthy smile?
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Effective Toothache in Brockham

For Toothache in Brockham, attend Dorking Smiles. We are here to help you reduce the pain, mainly if it’s from a decayed or broken tooth.

With our excellent technologies here at Dorking Smiles, we can treat you to all dental services for Toothaches, including

Teeth Whitening, Invisible Braces, Invisalign, Tooth Fillings, Crowns, Dental Implants, and Dentures.Visit Dorking Smiles for constant Toothache; we can resolve the problem in no time with the proper diagnosis.

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Get rid of painful Toothache in Brockham

Please don’t overlook the primary signs of a Toothache; it is necessary to get it resolved before the problem worsens. Did you know a Toothache doesn’t just occur because of the forgetting of a tooth? Diseases, loss of calcium and unexpected breaks and cracks can create Toothaches.

Our dentists are gentle and polite, assuring all patients feel comfortable when working on their Toothache. With thorough examinations, determining the pain point, we can find the most desirable treatment for you. Likewise, if your Toothache is from fractures, we can use Amalgam-Free White Fillings.

Additionally, if your infected tooth requires a root canal, we will use the most fitting technologies to support the pulp is not infected.

For more information, Contact Us today.

why do you have a painful tooth?

Toothaches occur because the pulp in your teeth become infected and swelled as the cavities locate their way in. This is where the discomfort will then start appearing.

When talking to our dentists about your oral queries, you may also face these additional causes:

  • Sensitive teeth problems
  • Rotten gum problems
  • Damaged tooth problems
  • Acidic damage to the teeth
  • Grinding of teeth 

Here at Dorking Smiles, we can detect and resolve your dental issues in no time with the most competent solutions.

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signs of toothache

Toothache is particularly common in people of all ages, and the discomfort can only last for a few minutes. Yet, our dentists advise that you contact Dorking Smiles as soon as you feel the minor pains or indications below.

  • Feeling pain whilst chewing
  • Headaches whilst chewing
  • Experiencing bad breath 
  • Constantly having bad taste in your mouth
  • Sensitive teeth due to high and low temperatures
  • Bleeding or discharge from your gums
Toothache in Brockham

Expert tips to prevent Toothache

At Dorking Smiles, our specialists always recommend that patients follow oral hygiene to avoid any dental difficulties. However, if you want to try some DIY options, Dorking Smiles offer the following tips;

  • Try out different kinds of toothpaste that are suitable for sensitive teeth.
  • Remember to floss correctly to eliminate food particles in between your teeth.
  • Our dentists prescribe over the counter pain relievers for emergency use.
  • Avoid hot and cold foods if you have sensitive teeth.

Why visit Dorking Smiles?

  • You can have customised and expert dental treatments which will fit your requirements. 
  • We follow superior methods to implement solutions that go beyond standard expectations. 
  • We apply state-of-the-art technology.
  • We understand that comfort is essential for our patients.
  • We maintain honesty with our clients for practical solutions.
  • We provide Emergency Dentist checkups, examinations and consultations.

Book today at Dorking Smiles, and get your teeth checked out and treatment started as soon as possible for healthier and happier gums. 

Call Us today 01306 772980

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