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Looking for a hassle free dental experience and a happy and healthy smile?
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Looking for a hassle free dental experience and a happy and healthy smile?
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Teeth Straightening in Dorking

Are you unhappy with your smile due to crooked teeth? At Dorking Smiles, we offer the latest innovative Teeth Straightening in Dorking to help you get a perfect smile in a safe a gentle way. Likewise, if you’re worried about the thought of metal train tracks, don’t let that put you off because our Invisible Braces are a discreet way to straighten teeth.

Teeth Straightening in Dorking is an aesthetic treatment to straighten your teeth. One of the treatments we offer is Invisible Braces which are also known as Invisalign. This treatment method is less noticeable than traditional braces, and it will gradually straighten your teeth. Here at Dorking Smiles, we advise that you visit us beforehand to consult with your dentist to find out what option is right for you.

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The Benefits of Teeth Straightening in Dorking

Teeth Straightening in Dorking has never been easier and more comfortable. Our treatments are excellent for straightening out crooked teeth. Teeth Straightening can improve your smile and appearance. However, one of the main benefits of Teeth Straightening is that the average treatment time is quicker than other types of braces, and they’re more reliable, meaning it’s one of the most powerful ways to realign your teeth. Likewise, our dentists can identify any issues early and start treatment before it worsens, therefore, being aware of your oral health conditions and any potential risks. Additionally, if there are any serious concerns, our dentists can recognise them, meaning your oral health will be maintained.

What are the different types of teeth straightening?

As mentioned before, our treatments include Invisible Braces, also known as Invisalign. This is made of transparent aligners, moulded directly from your teeth, meaning they are well fitted to your jawline. This treatment will give you comfort and assurance, and as the treatment progress,’ your teeth will slowly start to move towards your end goal.

How does it work? Teeth Straightening in Dorking focuses on moving your teeth effectively and is noticeable when you smile. Invisalign treatment, as mentioned above, uses removable aligners which will move your teeth over time. As they are transparent, it is pretty much invisible that you’re getting your teeth straightened.

How long does it take?

This will all depend on how much work is needed and how far some teeth may be moved. However, Teeth Straightening in Dorking can take as little as six months. Our dentists will oversee the treatment process and advise you on how long the treatment is needed for you. Likewise, how your teeth should look once the treatment is finished.

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Teeth Straightening with our expert dentists is a highly safe procedure. We will explain everything to you during your first appointment to ensure that you are 100% happy before treatment. You will be advised to take care when brushing, just as expected. However, with the removable aligners, you can continue with your dental hygiene routine.

A growing number of adults are now taking the right decision to straighten their teeth. If you’d like to know more about Teeth Straightening in Dorking, simply get in touch with our friendly team of dentists now for an appointment.